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           Each of us is a Moving Centre , a Space of Divine Mystery  – “Gabriel Roth ”

The Rhythm Centre is proud to roll out our unique offerings including workshops and movement sessions for 2016-7.

Our Movement Wellness  program’s offer many  benefit’s for your well-being  which contribute to a positive healthier mind ,body and spirit lifestyle . These one stop programs will immerse you into a rich deep movement conversation on the dance floor .

Our programs include the  5 Rhythm Take 5 series which we hope will rock your world .Our approach is to befriend ,transform and deepen the love and understanding of the 5 rhythms map on the dance floor .

We also offer residential Intensive workshop’s in Bali and Perth in therapeutic and reflective spaces where participants can explore movement experiences .

The aim of The Rhythm Centre is to attract  masters of various  dance movement practitioners and tribes from both the  Global and Asian communities . Our programs are a platform to  foster and encourage connection and collaboration.

In addition to our full calendar of events we include  a new exciting professional Dance Movement Therapy alternative  training Course commencing 2016-7 . This program has limited vacancies .

For registration : Book early if you are interested .

We also invite you to  join our Outreach program called Movement A Breast .  We encourage you to consider  volunteering or partnering with us in  this  outreach wellness program .

Please  contact our amazing Movement A Breast team at info@therhythmcentre.com

For detailed information on these programs visit htpp:/www.therhythmcentre.com where you can register or inquire at info@therhythmcentre.com







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