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Stress, anxiety and busyness are, unfortunately, a part of everyday life for most of us. When we operate from a place of stress and frantic chaotic energy, everything seems like a big deal, and little annoyances, setbacks and challenges keep us trapped in a cycle of negative thought patterns.
In times of stress, the idea of taking time for solitude ,peace and quiet may feel like a luxury that we can’t afford. But without it, we’ll be hard-pressed to find any joy or fulfillment in life. Many people have a difficult time changing lifestyle behaviors because they are connected emotionally or mentally to previous rewards. If simple education and information was enough to facilitate a change to healthy choices, there would be no need for any movement wellness programs.
Our Movement wellness programs helps you to reduce stress and encourages a sense of wellbeing . We invite you to join us now See timetables on the face book and instagram pages

Get active! Learn more about The Rhythm Centre’s outreach programs for living healthy lifestyles .Join also  our Outreach Movement A Breast Wellness Programs
Movement is what we are. Not what we do -“Emile Conrad ”
We are in the process of offering our Movement A Breast wellness program’s Face to the floor Series and “Beyond and Beyond ” The idea is to move in a dance and movement setting that will support the values of choosing a healthy lifestyle For those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer we  invite you to participate in both of these  programs .We illuminate woman’s diverse lived experiences through their individaul body life  stories .
Please contact us at
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Make A Donation now to the Movement A Breast Fund or contact The Movement A Breast Team office at
Movement A Breast supports woman and helps motivate people to make the changes we need to create a more just world for all women living with and at risk of breast cancer. – We believe this promising approach to address this includes self-directed movement dance movement therapies and mindfulness .

. Enriching Empowering Enlightening Exploring

Looking for a memorable fun day dancing and moving as part of “Movement A Breasts “ introduction to this new exciting Movement Wellness program ,series called “Face to the floor “? Learn to know your body and experience physically how dance movement can provide exercise improve mobility , muscle co-ordination , and reduce muscle tension . Emotionally it helps to improve self-awareness self-confidence and interpersonal interactions and is an outlet for communicating feelings . “It is important for breast cancer patients to manage stress because it can have a profoundly negative effect on biological systems and inflammatory profiles.”

To register, please email with your preferred times between 5 and 8pm. Then stay tuned for a follow-up email to confirm your reservation and time slot! This class is open to patients, survivors, friends, and anyone interested in learning about how exercise can assist in cancer prevention and/or the healing process.
Volunteer Opportunities
At the Rhythm Centre, there are many opportunities for student groups, and individuals to volunteer and become rhythm centre community ambassadors !!
Here Are Just Some of the Opportunities Available:
• Give a warm welcome and share your love and knowledge of the dance community with visitors through leading or assisting or interacting with visitors who come to dance
• Interact with guests by giving directions and informing them of the two programs we are offering .
• Become a photographer and take pictures of different dance events
•  Blog or write creatively about our  upcoming events and any interesting news  about the Rhythm centre and our outreach  Movement A Breast programs.
• Assist with special events festivals etc
Tesitmonial from Gayle who was part of our pilot program
I want to learn how to be present fully in my  amazing body .We all came to this mother earth in a body and this body is a wondrous , incredible gift. Strolling through this life we are given simply pleasant choices and ways to explore various sensual and artistic sensations .this life has to offer . I loved both courses and am greatful for this experience to re connect to my truth.
Our Movement A Breast series are designed to help participants discover and let go of hidden tensions and feel physically at ease after breast cancer The series of sessions are designed for movers of all kinds – no experience is necessary Just a willingness to have a go .We believe by joining us as your Movement A Breast wellness partner together we can make a difference to your journey .

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